Sustainability Strategy

Before commiting to sustainability one should examine thoroughly why it should be done and what targets one wishes to achieve and what is in reach with a reasonable investment.

We can provide you with a first overview with our quick check and give you first hints on possible demand for sustainability in your area of business or by future laws. It may be that your company, within its area of influence, is already producing sustainable.

You should clarify for whom you wish to embark on sustainability, if you are ready for it and if you have the necessary resources, if your customers, you stakeholders and your employees will estimate sustainability.

Important is also the clarification of the question, if your bookkeeping or ERP system can provide information on relevant sustainability parameters or not; whether or not you wish to calculate emissions, energy- and material flows only once or if you wish to monitor these factors permanently; if sustainability thinking should be built into your innovation- and design processes and if you wish to set up a sustainability controlling system with its corresponding reporting tools and management cockpit. Successful communication internally and externally is also part of an overall strategy.

The SME Star Plus is our preferred tool to tackle these questions.