KMU Star

Strategies for SME

SME, just like any organisation, need a coherent strategy to survive in the long run. The strategy should stand in the beginning of all activities because it decisively determines the operational implementation of all activities. However, often SME neglect the development of a convincing strategy.

The SME Star

The KMU Star Star is an efficient and practical Tool for the development and configuration of the future strategy. Based on easy to use Power Point Slides the strategy development is elaborated step by step, efficiently and pragmatically.

Schäffer Schmid & Partner / SME Star with a Sustainability Strategy

Heinz Schmid has already accompanied several strategy development process but without the SME Star. After using the SME Star for the first time, he was immediately convinced by its strengths, the step-by-step approach, its consequence and the simplicity of use – which however does not compromise with the precision and depth needed, as well as its stringent logic. He complemented the SME Star in a way that it does not only allow to develop a classic economic strategy but design a sustainability strategy at the same time.