The “Plus” for the Sustainability Strategy

The “SME Star Plus” allows to develop in the same simple, but robust way as with the SME Star, the sustainability strategy.

Sustainability is a part of the overall corporate strategy with increases in importance all the time. The development of a sustainability strategy, especially in the areas of social responsibility and ecology knowledge and experiences are needed which are usually not available in SME. To acquire this type of specialised know-how for in-house purpose is an expensive exercise for SME and only rarely pays off.

After his very positive experiences with the SME Star Heinz Schmid has used the robust and solid framework of that tool for the development of the social responsibility and ecological part of the sustainability strategy. He has added these parts to the SME Star upgrading it to the SME Star Plus. The SME Star Plus is exclusively available at Schäffer Schmid & Partner

Advantages of a sustainability strategy:

  • getting a systematic and comprehensive analyses of all company internal, upstream and downstream energy and material flows
  • Identification of relevant environmental emissions
  • Recognition of possible social difficulties and risks
  • Systematic and planned saving of resources which automatically reduces the company’s emissions
  • Increase of customer value through product innovation
  • Moving the company towards “Corporate Social Responsibility”
  • Benchmarking the company with the help of the reporting instrument “Global Reporting Initiative” (GRI) with other companies, which also could be communicated
  • Last but not least staff will be motivated and pride to work in “their” company.

Grafik Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability as an iterative process, which is based on a health economic basis, leading to social and ecological innovation which - in turn - strengthens the economic foundation.