What actually is “Quality”

This simple question is difficult to answer since quality follows no rigid definition. Despite that fact quality management is surprisingly simple. There are many tool with which it is possible to achieve quality in production or service processes.

For William Deming, the father of today’s quality management (QM); quality management meant an ethical as well as technical business philosophy which was made effective with the help of business culture of long term perspectives and statistical tools. His followers, first in Japan, have over the years added to this concept a series of very useful and often easy to apply tools. They also invented “Kaizen”, the improvement philosophy. Quality management’s success largely depends on the determination of the top management.

Excellent products and services, satisfied customers, cost efficient production processes and motivated staff and satisfied stakeholders as well as meeting legal requirements are essential for the survival of any business. Well prepared one can look forward to the future in a relaxed manner.

Quality management, as well as its by-products, “environmental management systems” and “occupational health and safety” are self evidently used in industry. Service organisations, governments, schools, medical organisation or not-for-profit organisations however are having a much harder time introducing quality management, despite the fact that precisely in those organisations lots of costs could be saved with little effort. It is, however, of great importance not to fall into a vicious circle of overregulation, which would hamper more than help.

Our Consultancy Services

We assist you with the introduction and maintenance of Business Excellence (EFQM), Quality- and Environmental Management- as well as Organisational Health and Safety Systems.

  • Elaboration of strategy
  • Introduction and implementation of QM-, Environment and Organisational Health and Safety (OHSAS) according to the following norms: EFQM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IOHSAS 8001, EKAS, ISO 50001 (Energy), BSCI
  • ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) and ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation

Audits / Auditor Training

Audits are important for the verification of system efficiency. Often it makes sense to have internal audits carried out by external experts, who have not become blind to shortcomings in company processes. By doing so, it may be important to carry out a very strict special audit, which pays more attention to the effective performance of a system instead of its formal fulfilment of the norm. Schäffer Schmid Partner offers all these audits.

Education and Training for Industry and Service Provider

We train the use of QM, its tools and philosophy.

For many years Heinz Schmid has held training courses in QM. He has introduced, implemented and audited QM Systems. For him Quality Management is a philosophy of success with modest means.