Life Cycle Assessment

In principle Life Cycle Assessments work like internal cost accounting but in contrast material- and energy flows as well as emissions are considered. Also in life cycle assessment the division and allocation of emissions onto different “cost units” is applied leaving ample space for interpretation. This is why life cycle assessments should be carried out by experienced experts of natural science, otherwise the calculations are not meaningful.

Heinz Schmid with his background in business as well as natural science is the right partner for planning, calculation and interpretation of life cycle assessments and their integration in the business processes of a company. In this area he take considerable work off your shoulders and set up and steer all phases from planning to communication.

However Heinz Schmid does not possess enough experience to calculate life cycle assessments with the necessary routine to run the process smooth and cost efficient. This is why Schäffer Schmid & Partner cooperates with several well known and very experienced companies for the establishment of life cycle assessments.

Schäffer Schmid & Partner supports you will all tasks around life cycle assessments.