Heinz Schmid & Renate Schäffer

Who we are

Schäffer Schmid Partner GmbH is a family company which became operational in 2012. It belongs to Renate Schäffer and Heinz Schmid, who are also married to each other. Heinz Schmid and Renate Schäffer are an excellent team with complementing professional and human skills.

What we stand for, what we offer and what we are not

We are trustworthy natural scientists, who analyse questions with you, who advise you and who seek to implement solutions together with you. We do not leave you with a report but accompany you also hands-on into the nitty – gritty work. We are rather unemotional, seek practical and, if ever possible, simple solutions. We are no dazzlers.

Values, Ideals and Opinions

  • Our behaviour is based on honesty and reliability
  • Our training as natural scientists and engineer determines our way of working: Seeking solutions and make them work
  • Trust, duty and responsibility are the basis of long-term, successful work
  • Finding solutions means to look beyond the quarterly financial data takeing far-seeing decisions
  • Solutions also mean to react flexible with respect to ever lasting changes in the business framework
  • To listen and analyse is always the basis, but no aim of itself, the focus is always on targets
  • Should tasks and questions go beyond our competences, we cooperate with known, experience partner companies
  • vWe offer a lot of professional-, life- and business experience
  • Science and technics are relevant inputs for solutions for many problems, innovation is the engine – that’s what it is all about